Medical Devices and Equipment

China Medical Devices Center

MDE have merged their respective expertises to identify, evaluate, and inspect the most reliable producers and suppliers of durable and disposable medical devices in China. We provide access to top Chinese suppliers of medical equipment for surgical operation and birth delivery rooms, of medical beds and furniture for hospitals and clinics, of monitoring equipments, of dental care equipments, of diagnostic devices and equipments (X-ray, ultrasound, scanners, etc.), of analytical and other laboratory devices (microscopes, centrifuges, etc), of sterilization/cleaning equipments, of equipments for aesthetical surgery and treatment (laser, liposuction, etc.), of sterilized clothing and sheets, and of small medical devices (stethoscopes, thermometers, oximeters, syringes, blood pressure monitors, catheter, etc.). If you are looking for an economic solution for the sourcing of good quality products and services, procurAsia and IPBM are your best partners to assist you in purchasing lower cost medical devices from China.
Small Devices
Stethoscopes & Oximeters
Catheter, Transfusion Sets and Bags
Bed and Furniture
Hospital and Emergency Beds
Wheel Chairs, Stretchers
Medication Trolleys
Bedside and  Other Cabinets
Operation Room
Operating Table
Birth Delivery Table
No Shadow Lamps
Anaesthesia Machines
Monitoring and Lab
Patient Monitoring Devices
Bio-chemistry & haematology analysers
Endoscopes/Obstetrics - Gynaecology Eqmt
Doppler and Ultrasound Scanners
X-Ray Machines
Aesthetical & Beauty
Laser equipment
Microwave & RF Equipments
Ultrasonic Equipment
Liposuction equipment