Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA)

For years already, China is a world center for electronic production. Chinese factories of Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) such as Flextronics, Solectron, Foxconn and the like have long dominated large volume electronic contract manufacturing. But it is harder to reliably outsource high mix - low volume professional electronic systems. Most well known EMS companies will not be interested in such high requirement - low volume projects. Fortunately, among the hundreds of Chinese suppliers providing SMT assembly, it is possible to find efficient and quality contract manufacturers that are interested in your projects. 
Advancetech Electronics Canada Ltd. has considered, evaluated, and inspected several tens of mid-size electronic contract manufacurers to identify Chinese companies to which to reliably outsource small SMT assembly projects. If you are looking for an economic solution but are not ready to accept big reduction of service quality, Advancetech is the best sourcing partner to assist you in outsourcing electronic assembly to China. While working with Advancetech you will accelerate your outsourcing project by aiming directly at the right suppliers and by improving your supplier communication.

While working with Advancetech Electronics Canada Ltd. you will accelerate your outsourcing project by aiming directly at the right suppliers and by improving your supplier communication.
Printed Crrcuit Board Assembly (PCBA)
SMT and Throughole PCBA Assembly
Single and Multi-layer PCBs
Alternative Components
Turn-Key Solutions
By outsourcing a range of low volume PBAs to China, buyers benefit from not only lower labor costs but also from optimized manufacturing process for low costs and from cost competitive local purchasing of both international and domestic components.
PCBA and Mechanical Assembly
PCBA Assembly
Cable harnesses
Enclosure outsourcing
Final Assembly
   electronic module  electronic modules 2  
A significant share of a system cost comes from mechanical enclosure and wiring as well as assembly.  By outsourcing more then just the PCBA, buyers can benefit from increased cost reductions.
Through on-site qualification Advancetech has systematically identified quality and reliable manufacturers and eliminated many bad or unreliable workshops. Advancetech has developed a truly unique knowledge of the sector of emergency power generation and power backup systems in China .
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