1. Introduction
GFM series VRLA batteries are in line with IEC60896-2 standard. Products can be widely used as backup power for telecommunication and signal systems of telecom, mobile, railway system, shipping, utility and nuclear power plants, solar energy and wind energy storage systems as well as UPS and emergency lighting.
2. Product Characteristics
The plate is with the structure of big grid and block, and is made of special alloy through special process of quadribasic lead sulfate, which improves specific energy of the battery and prolongs the cycle service life.
  • Positive grid is made of special multi alloy, which prevent PCL and has long service life under both float and cycle applications.
  • Separator: made of AGM, low internal resistance and good high rate discharging performance;
  • Active material: Special additive has been added into the lead paste of positive and negative plate, thus the utilization rate of active materials will become high and it will improve the charge acceptability;
  • High-purity electrolyte: High purity electrolyte and special additive lead to low self-discharge;
  • Special terminal sealing structure: Unique assembled maze seal structure of terminal ensures the safety and reliability of seal;
  • Safe valve structure: the valve is made of FR ABS materials, the valve core is column structure, dual-filtering acid mist filters. It has a function of correctly controlling the pressure, flame resistance and acid mist filtering when valve open and close;
  • Adopt U double-layer longitudinal pattern and tight assembly technology to prevent plate stress from affecting separator elasticity. Large-diameter copper core is applied, the terminals and comb teeth are die casted together, which makes the internal resistance lower;
  • Short circuit protection: Plastic sleeve is added for plate, so as to effectively avoid the shot circuit of the positive and negative plate and to avoid the bend and distortion in the horizontal installation;
  • Battery case: made of super strong ABS materials. It is sealed through the-state-of –art technology of heat sealing, and has the characteristic of attractive appearance, reliable structure and sealing;
  • Inert gas protect welding are widely used, special glue also applied for the secondary sealing to ensure zero leakage;
  • Single cell structure: the single cell structure with the max capacity up to 3000Ah, offering the customers more choices;
  • System structure: Batteries can be installed in cabinet, on rock and floor thermal dissipation space has been laid out to effectively avoid thermal runaway;
  • Floating service life under normal operation at 25℃ would be 15 years.