1. Introduction
6-GFM VRLA batteries are high-capacity batteries with the cutting edge technology, the performance can meet the standard IEC. The features of safe, reliable seal, high specific energy, low resistance, low self-discharge, good charge acceptability, long cycle life, high combination efficiency make the product outstanding. There is no redundant electrolyte in normal application, and no acid smog spray. With easy usage and maintenance, it is widely applied in telecom system, UPS, fire alarming and security system, emergency lighting system, mobile measuring equipment, power supply system, apparatus and instrument, military facilities, railway transportation and auto control equipments.

2. Product Characteristics
Battery case and lids are made of super strength ABS in a compact structure, characterized by the good resistance to impact and vibration.
Grid is made of special lead-based multi-element alloy, having virtues of low resistance, and good corrosion-resistance for a long cycle life of battery;
New processes of plate production are applied to improve the utilization of active material:
Ultra fine fibreglass separator, good performance in high current discharging,
High-purity electrolyte and special additive, low self-discharge
Multi-layer sealing technology and special seal glue are applied to ensure the safety and reliability of battery with no leakage and no acid smog spray.

3. Main Technical Specifications
Floating service life under normal operation at 25℃ would be 10 years.
No leakage and no acid smog during the usage of battery, no need to add acid or water;
Self-discharge rate is under 2% (at 25℃, 28 days)
Ambient operating temperature: -15℃ ~ +45℃;
Recombination efficiency: > 96%.