6-FMX Front Access Batteries

1. Introduction

Front-access Valve-regulated Lead-acid battery is designed for the service with high requirement, since its grid is made of special multi-element alloy, the cell has a longer deep cycle life and a better discharge performance being a preferential solution for high-class UPS. These series are of a narrow and long structure with a proportion of length to width up to 3.59i << 5.00, therefore they have an excellent performance in heat dissipation reducing greatly possible thermal runaway. With the front terminal designed for the connection with external circuit and the availability of different connection bars, the batteries can be mounted and dismounted easily and quickly lowering the cost of maintenance. Products are suitable for service in telecom, UPS, power plant, transformer substation, control system, microwave relay station, remote sensing device, energy storage of solar/ wind power generator.

2. Product Characteristics
Output terminal of low resistance: a copper core is inlaid in terminal, connected through bolt, easy for installation;
  • Perfect sealing of post: unique of triple sealing to totally prevent the acid leakage;
  • Safety valve: with reliable and stable open and close pressure;
  • Grid: is made of special multi-element alloy to ensure the long life of the batteries;
  • Advanced case and lid heat sealing technology to ensure the reliable seal of the batteries;
  • Battery case is made of high-strength ABS to effectively ensure the vibration of the battery,
  • Separator is made of low-resistance ultra-fine fibreglass to ensure gas recombination efficiency reaches above 99%;
  • Handle is mounted on all cells for easy carry;
  • Floating service life under normal operation at 25  would be 12 years.
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